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Team Cycle Power welcome on board their new sponsor, Salice South Africa.  The team took to the start line of the 2018 Kremetart cycle race wearing their brand new Salice Ghilbi Italian edition helmets and 006 RW Salice white and blue sunglasses.  The team used the race to debut their new equipment and brand in partnership with the team.  The helmets stood out in the bunch and brought together the teams kit in a new and more professional manner.

Salice boast a range of world class products that are used on the pro circuit overseas. The helmets are both durable and breathable featuring 23 vents allowing sufficient air flow, whilst still passing the relevant safety standards world wide.  The helmets are made with an extended polystyrene shell with a bonded cover over the top. They also include a multi-directional impact protection system to ensure the riders utmost safety in the event of a crash.  A mesh inner prevents bees and other bugs getting in between the helmet and the riders head, and a wheel at the end of the helmet allows for tiny adjustments letting the helmet sit just right. All of this and they weigh just 255g.

The 006 RW sunglasses are designed with a single peripheral lens, giving the rider optimal vision in all directions. The lens fits into a robust frame with rubber inserts at every contact point on the glasses, ensuring they do not slip or rub on the rider causing any discomfort.  The RW lens is made with multi layer triple vented mirror coated lens which cuts the glare and increases the contrast, making them very clear to view through as well as promoting optimum airflow. The IDRO lens repels water and dust as well as being scratch resistant.

With such top quality safety products, there is no wonder the team is excited to hit the road in two weeks time to take on the 2018 Jock Classic.

“ Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.”

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