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Team Cycle Power is excited to announce their brand new sponsor, MYO2 recovery gel.  The team has welcomed the partnership with MYO2 and looks at this as an opportunity to grow as a team and a sponsor combined.

A relatively new product on the shelves, MYO2 recovery gel is just starting to break into the market facing up against some long time standing muscle relieving products such as Arnica ice, Ice man etc. MYO2 combines two essential active ingredients, Arnica Montana and Horse Chestnut. Developed as a therapeutic gel to relieve soft tissue and joint injuries, MYO2 has many more functions.  The ingredients in the recovery gel aid in reducing inflammation, which would aid sportsmen and women as a pre-race rub, due to the simple fact that muscle pain during exercise is due to the muscles heating and becoming inflamed.

The benefits of MY02 gel include reducing pain and discomfort, reducing swelling, improving circulation, reducing certain low-grade topical skin infections, having a soothing effect, as well as muscular relief.  It has a refreshing scent that does not linger for long, it absorbs very quickly and has a rapid relieving effect.  The team uses the gel before training sessions and races, as well as after an exercise session to aid in the recovery of their muscles, ensuring their bodies are back to racing condition as soon as possible.

MYO2 recovery gel is one of the best muscular relief products on the market at the moment, being used by medical doctors, physiotherapists, chiropractors, massage therapists and many, many more.

Heading into any race or tour the team knows that their legs will be taken care of using MYO2 recovery gel and can go into any race knowing their legs will be at peak performance levels.

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