John Vlok takes the win at the BSSS criterium

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On Sunday 8th July 2018, Keanan Roodt and John Vlok of team Cycle Power took part in the BSSS criterium at Swartkops raceway.  The race consisted of 45 minutes + 1 lap on a circuit route which was the old go-karts racing track.  There was an early break away from the first lap, which included John Vlok, Jandre Storm of team Vandergroup and Adolf Krige.

After 5 laps the break was down to 2 riders as Jandre Storm dropped back to the main bunch and soon pulled out of the race.  Keanan Roodt made an attempt to bridge across to the break to help his fellow teammate but was continuously marked by the bunch.  Keanan Roodt sat at the front of the bunch, controlling it and making sure there were no attacks to the breakaway, allowing fellow teammate, John Vlok, to sit in the front.

Approaching the last few laps saw the intensity of the race heating up.  John Vlok and Adolf Krige had been in the break the whole day and knew the top results were between them.  On the final lap, John Vlok put down the hammer and managed to pull away from Adolf.  John Vlok took the win for the day with Adolf Krige taking second place.

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