Moller hoping to make an impact at Tshwane Classic

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Maurice Moller is cautiously optimistic ahead of the second edition of the Tshwane Classic, which takes place in Pretoria on Sunday.

Moller will take on a leadership role for Cycle Power with the rest of the team comprising Keanan Roodt, Dylan le Roux and teenager Morne Soule.

With a slightly depleted team and having spent much time off the bike due to work commitments, Moller said he hoped nevertheless to give it his best shot and “enjoy it”.

“Both ProTouch and BCX are racing for the season win and their numbers will be high,” Moller told In the Bunch today.

“We’re definitely going to try being involved in some of the moves. Last year I had some mechanical issues with my bike so I’m hoping to have a better performance this year and so does the team.”

Maurice Moller (right) pictured with teammate Dylan le Roux (left). Photo: Supplied

Maurice Moller (right) pictured with teammate Dylan le Roux (left). Photo: Supplied

The 21-year-old, originally from Germany, admitted he was not in the best of form at the moment but said the route did suit him somewhat.

“My goal would be to try to get into an early move down on the highway section.

“Last year the wind played a big factor, but nothing got away until the first climb back into town.

“Getting into the first move will be hugely beneficial, but after that it will be the strongest man who wins.”

The Johannesburg local said the team would bank on Roodt to claim a top result for them.

“Keanan has come a long way since the beginning of the season, after he had a big crash last year soon before the 947 Cycle Challenge.

“He’s picked up that same form again over the last couple of months. Dylan and I will both be racing for him.

“We will try to keep him safe, but also ensure the whole team will be involved in all the racing until the show of cards happen about 60km in.”

Moller expects much fiercer racing this year as opposed to last season’s inaugural event, saying the riders mainly “played it safe” due to having little knowledge of the route.

“It will be about following all the fast and strong guys in all the big teams [this year],” he said.

He identified Mitchel Eliot of ProTouch as likely to be strong on the day. “He’s looking good and him weighing as much as he does he might use the one or two kicks leading up to the finish to his advantage.”

Moller added that his overall objective would be to “stay safe” while a podium position would be a bonus.

Article by In The Bunch

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