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Keanan Roodt
Our up and coming Pro Tour rider, Keanan Roodt, started cycling at the age of 15, giving him 4 years of experience on the bike. His motivation to get started came from his father. Keanan’s competitive spirit could not let his father beat him at anything and so the competition was on between the two. After riding initially just to light heartedly beat his dad, he soon realised his passion for the bike and enthusiasm for the sport, and thus began his professional cycling career. With many years of racing ahead of this youngster, Keanan’s cycling goal is to make it onto the Pro Tour circuit and become a big name in cycling. Every morning before he heads out onto the bike to complete his days training session, he eats a bowl of muesli and a bowl of oats with two boiled eggs. He then plans his route and heads off on his daily ride. During the 2018 road cycling season, Keanan is looking to take a win at one of the races. With the dedication, commitment and pure heart this rider shows, there is no doubt he will make it into the big league within the next few years. Watch this space!