Maurice MollerTeam Captain

Leader of the pack, Maurice Moller, started cycling at the tender age of 7 years old when his dad bought him his first ever racing bicycle. From then, Maurice worked hard at his cycling and in order to remain committed to the racing scene he had to sacrifice a lot, including his social life. Living all the way down in Kimberly, Maurice had to trek up to Johannesburg at least twice month to take part in the cycle races. Fortunately that hard work ethic soon paid off when he got signed by his first professional team at the age of 16. Maurice has been part of a few pro teams since then, before coming on board team Cycle Power. Throughout the 2018 season, Maurice hopes to win at least two races and help his team to grow. He already has one win under his belt for 2018, the Sondela Bela Bela Classic. As with all professional cyclists in South Africa, Maurice hopes to make it onto the pro circuit one day. If Maurice was not a full time professional cyclist, he would be a logistics manager and weekend warrior rider. On a race day Maurice wakes up, makes some coffee, gets dressed, and then has breakfast before heading out to chase the dream. To get him psyched up he listens to Kings never die by Eminem. Maurice would say that German footballer, Joshua Kimmich, is his doppelganger in another country. A quote that Maurice has always followed both on the bike and in his day-to-day living is “Pain is temporary, Victory is forever!”