Dylan Le RouxTeam Member

Dylan le Roux was just 13 years old when he first started cycling. He got involved in the sport as his parents were always very involved in the social cycling scene, so it was a logical step for Dylan to take. The very year Dylan started cycling he did all the major classic races in South Africa, including the Cape Argus, Amashova and 94.7, half way through that year he told his parents that he wanted to go to South African Road Championships. Dylan then got a coach to help him structure his training and get him to SA Championships, every year since the age of 13 he has competed in the South African Championships for road, last year Dylan saw his chances of competing at SA championships ruled out due to an injury. In 2015 and 2016 Dylan competed in Europe for both road and track cycling. Dylan looks at the 2018 road cycling season to improve some of his results from the tougher races last year. In the near future Dylan wishes to see himself on the world tour scene and being the best rider he could possibly be. Before races Dylan wakes up 1 hour before he needs to leave, this gives him enough time to eat, get dressed and pack the car without being rushed. He likes to eat at least an hour before a race or ride to ensure his body is fuelled properly for the workout, as nutrition is one of the most important aspects to get right. Before a shorter race, being a classic, Dylan likes to listens to songs that get him revved up for the hard intensity that race will present. Before longer stages on a tour he likes to listen to songs that inspire him, motivate him and get him in the right frame of mind; as you do not want to be too pumped and eager before a long day in the saddle. If he were not a professional cyclist, he would be following his second passion in life, which would be working in the environmental field either in research or conservation work.